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We are able to make your outdoor space unique and beautiful. Discover our diverse range of stylish Italian designed light fittings and cables that can be assembled to your exact requirements. We combine natural finishes and coloured cables with elegant and fun lamps for terraces, gazebos, marquees and gardens. We use components that are IP65 water resistant protecting them from water and rain, whatever configuration you want to create!

So here’s the thing ……

a new client, Ella from, the North West’s freshest wedding and party marquee company says ”hey Nick I’ve just purchased a fab new marquee and need lighting”. Where do you go from there?

Bergamo Italy I thought, or to be more precise Da Mimmo, the iconic restaurant located in the magnificent building and courtyard constructed in 1357.

So back to the marquee, wow! A stunning traditional structure with simple eave lines and beveled, wooden poles, made in the UK by master marquee manufacturers

My background is in retail, fashion and lighting design. So, with a nod to Da Mimmo I used natural Jute covered cable to blend with the broad canvas of the marquee and added a pop of pastel coloured lamp holders and statement copper and bronze 40cm disc shades to reflect an Italian summer wedding mood.…did it work? You bet! Ella now has a system she loves that is robust, can easily be stored, is safe IP65 weatherproof rated and can be hired out again and again. The system reduces the need for costly one-off overdressing and allows the marquee to be seen at its natural best.