Outdoor round electric cable covered in White Rayon

IP65 rated white rayon covered weather resistant outdoor lighting cable

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This white outdoor electric cable is IP65 rated water and weather resistant safe. Designed to create suspension lamps and outdoor lighting totally tailored to your needs. The white rayon covering enables it to blend in with white backgrounds in your outdoor spaces.

All outdoor cables are equipped with a flexible red copper electrolytic conductor with a double elastomeric rubber coating resistant from -25°C to +60°C. This cable is also fire and oil resistant

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2×1.00 fabric covered, H05RN-F rubber cable.
Diameter 7,6mm 2×1,00 Polyester White SM01.
Legal reference EN 50525-2-21.
European Low Voltage Directive N. 2014/35/UE.
IMQ-HAR certified N. CA01.00683.

Flexible class 5 conductor in electrolytic red copper, in compliance with IEC 60228.
Isolation Elastomeric rubber EI 4 in compliance with EN 50363-1.
Insulation color in accordance with HD 402 and EN 50525-1 requirements.
External elastomeric rubber sheath in accordance with EN 50363-2-1.
Sheath coloured black.


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